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Wethered's Design-build contract specifies our firm as the single entity responsible for both the design and the construction of our clientele's dream home, addition, or remodel.  Consequently, our owners are afforded a single construction contract with one point of contact that manages all aspects of the design throughout the construction process. 

Elements in our design-build contracts vary according to the individual needs of our client, their budget restrictions, construction feasibility and restraints (codes/means and methods), equipment/material cost and availability.


Just like our design team's efforts, our design-build contracts are individually tailored to our clients specific needs.  We express to all our homeowners, "This is YOUR Dream Home."

Consistent information that you may expect to find included in our contracts are as follows

  • Project directory and Responsibility Matrix including the Name and contact information of both the design-build firm and the customer/owner of property, as well as prime subcontractors.

  • A legal description of the property that’s typically based on the deed on record with the county clerk’s office.

  • Project cost structure: A Design-Build Cost Structure Amendment that includes three different cost bases: Fixed price, cost plus, or Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).  

  • Information on what happens if the homeowner doesn’t secure funds for the contract 

  • A comprehensive description of the work to be completed and the estimated completion date

  • Any license, permit or insurance requirements and proof of such

  • Change order process information

  • Liability clauses, delay clauses, Acts of God clauses, Breach of contract procedures and arbitration clauses

  • The contract becomes fully executed when dated signatures from both parties are finalized

Our Design-build contracts may combine the design and construction into one single scope of work, or may contain multiple scope of work documents dependent on the determinations of collaborative efforts between the project's primary stakeholders (the owner and design-build contractor).


Design-Bid-Build contracts are completely separate unrelated contracts between the designer and the owner, and the owner and the contractors.  With a Design-Bid-Build the designer and the owner collaborate, usually without the contractors, to develop and complete project documents (drawings and specifications) then the designer completes the design.  Once the design is complete RFPs are distributed and contracts are typically awarded to the lowest bidder.  Wethered Timberworks LLC and Wethered Construction Co are happy to bid on your projects designed by others, send us your Request for Proposal and your project documents today.

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