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Meet The Family

Mike and Governor Abercrombie at the AIrport Blessing

Mike Wethered

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Mike Wethered has over thirty years of experience in the construction industry with increasing complexity. Mike has supervised various multi-million dollar projects across Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington State. He co-founded and operated a quality construction company for over twelve years in the State of Oregon where he managed a variety of Federal, State, County, and City projects, in addition to private residences, commercial, restaurant, hospitality, and light industrial. Mr. Wethered enjoyed building in Hawaii from 2005 to 2014.


Mike has the proven ability to work under pressure while efficiently coordinating numerous activities and groups of people who need to cooperate to achieve maximum efficiency.


Mike Wethered has boots on the ground experience from the field to upper management.

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Angela Wethered

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Angela is dedicated to educating people regarding aspects of the construction industry and will continue with her passion of providing a quality service to the construction industry's quality standards, safety, environmental awareness, and workforce development.

Angela Wethered truly cares for the customer, company, industry, and community in which she lives and works.

Since 1994 Angela has gained years of experience relating to construction, ranging from business development, marketing, field labor, to every aspect of management.  


She co-founded a successful Building Corporation in Oregon specializing in the  performance of “Professional Quality Craftsmanship From Foundation to Finish”™ throughout the state of Oregon including design/build of various residential, commercial, and industrial projects.


With many hours of hard work and tremendous effort Mike and Angela built a spectacular reputation and relocated to Hawaii (at their sole expense) debt free. 

While involved with Ledcor, Makakilo Consulting & Research, and Oceanic Companies Inc Angela was responsible for the duties of a Project Engineer, Quality Control Manager, Safety Officer, Technical Writer, Contract Administration, Environmental Inspector, Specifications, Codes, and Statutes Researcher, and much more. 


Tim Wethered

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I was born into the construction industry, when I was just an infant in a car seat crying for juice, my parents were hard at work running their construction company.


As long as I can remember I’ve always been a part of every project they worked on until we moved to Hawaii where my experience continued on renovations to our home and eventually my first jobs at a marine mechanic and a construction testing lab and agency and finally into the family legacy business building with my father.

Growing up in this environment has provided me an advantage in the construction industry. Given the training in multiple trades across the table from foundations to finish, attained from my very knowledgeable father and the natural talent gained from his genes.

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Johnathon Wethered

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Johnathon Wethered works with his Dad and Brother learning trades boots on the ground when they need him. Otherwise he is in charge of the Columbia Exchange LLC, his business. 

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