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Building Foundations: The Essential Role of Pre-Construction Services

By Timothy Wethered, Draftsman / Craftsman

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Mike Wethered

July 9, 2024

Understanding the Importance of Pre-Construction Services

At Wethered Timberworks LLC, doing business as Wethered Construction, we believe that a successful construction project begins long before the first nail is hammered. Our pre-construction services are designed to meticulously plan, examine, and establish all requirements for construction, ensuring smooth and efficient project executions. Here’s a comprehensive look at what pre-construction services entail and why they are crucial for your next project.

What are Pre-Construction Services?

Pre-construction services involve the planning and coordination activities that occur before the actual construction begins. These services aim to identify potential challenges, set realistic budgets and schedules, and ensure all necessary permits and approvals are in place. Essentially, pre-construction services lay the groundwork for a successful construction project.

Key Components of Pre-Construction Services

1. Engineering Assessment of Conceptual Design

  • Existing Conditions Analysis: Our team thoroughly examines the existing conditions of the space to determine the needs of the project.

  • Foundation and Bearing Points: We evaluate the foundation and bearing points to ensure structural integrity.

  • Framing and Roof Truss Systems: Assessing framing and roof truss systems is critical for safe and stable construction.

  • Fireplaces: We review the design and placement of fireplaces to integrate them seamlessly into the project.

  • Sub-Trades Coordination: We facilitate and coordinate with sub-trades for the design of Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical, and Plumbing systems.

2. “For Construction” Drawings from Conceptual Design

  • Collaborative Planning: We work closely with design teams and homeowners to develop detailed plans from the conceptual design.

  • Software: Our team updates changes in our software files as needed, following a fee schedule.

  • Energy Efficiency: We ensure energy efficiency is a core part of the design process.

3. Government Agencies and Permit Coordination

  • Zoning and Site Assessment: We facilitate and coordinate site assessments to comply with zoning regulations.

  • Building Permits: Our team handles the coordination of building permit applications.

  • MEP Permits: We coordinate with sub-trades regarding systems design, energy codes, and permits.

  • Permit Expediting: We streamline the permit process to reduce delays and ensure construction can begin on schedule.

4. Utility Connection Coordination

  • Electrical Connections: We coordinate electrical connections at the curb with Avista and the electrician.

  • Landline Connections: If desired, we coordinate landline connections at the curb with CenturyLink.

  • Septic Design: We assist with the completion and approval of “For Construction” septic designs with the Northeast Tri County Health District, ensuring all requirements are met for installation by subcontractors.

  • Water Source Connection: We coordinate with plumbing subcontractors to prepare the potable water source connection at the existing private well.

5. Preliminary Construction Budget

  • Budget Development: Based on the schematic design and engineering assessment, we develop a preliminary budget. This budget is based on comparable spaces with estimates and is not necessarily a bid.

  • Financing Assistance: This preliminary budget also aids in financing activities, helping secure necessary funds for the project.

6. Responsibility Matrix

  • Deliverables Identification: We develop a responsibility matrix to identify deliverables by all parties involved in the project.

  • Clear Communication: This matrix ensures clear communication and smooth coordination among the contractor, design team, and property owner.

7. Preliminary Construction Schedule

  • Schedule Creation: Once the project scope is defined, we produce a preliminary construction schedule.

  • Timeline Estimation: The schedule helps identify lead times, sequence of construction, and provides a rough idea of the project completion time.

Benefits of Pre-Construction Services

Engaging in pre-construction services offers numerous benefits:

  • Cost Savings: Identifying potential issues early can save significant costs down the line.

  • Improved Project Planning: Detailed planning ensures the project stays on track and within budget.

  • Risk Management: Pre-construction services help mitigate risks by addressing potential challenges before they arise.

  • Better Communication: Clear communication and defined responsibilities prevent misunderstandings and delays.

  • Efficient Execution: A well-planned project proceeds more smoothly and efficiently, reducing downtime and ensuring timely completion.


At Wethered Timberworks LLC dba Wethered Construction, we take pride in offering comprehensive pre-construction services that set the stage for successful and efficient construction projects. By focusing on detailed planning, coordination, and communication, we ensure that every project we undertake meets the highest standards of quality and client satisfaction.

If you're interested in learning more about how our pre-construction services can benefit your next project, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Let’s build a future together that is well-planned, efficient, and exceptional.

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